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The Year of Being Courageously Unrealistic: Dare to Push, Test, and Break through

This year we are making a pledge to one another, but most importantly, to ourselves, to live our lives in full, to live beyond the lines and boundaries that we have set up, or that others have set up for us.

This year we will stretch our minds and our spirits to become our whole selves; each molecule, each atom, from head to toe will expand as we seek to reach our destinies, as we seek to see what is possible, as we seek to live lives beyond our imaginations and our dreams.

This year we will grow because we will take one step and then another and will continue and persevere as we take the roads less travelled, unexplored, and unknown, because we have no choice, no option but to strive for more, for better, for greater.

This year we will get closer to fulfilling ideas that were only in our minds. We will move from a thought and a dream to the tangible, because we made it happen for ourselves, because we believed even though the odds were against us.

This year even with fear nipping at our backs, trying to drag us down, we will continue to move forward.

This year even when others tell us that it’s crazy and that it cannot be done, we will say, ‘yes it can’, and we will be unbending, focussed, and determined.

This year we will stand strong, we will be different, we will live with integrity, and we will be courageous as we win the crown.

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