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Past Events

Legacy Builders Series: Unity in the Black Community

14 JUNE 2023

Legacy Builders Series: Breaking the Mold, Using Creative Arts to Rebrand Black Narratives

20 APRIL 2023

Legacy Builders Series: Black Mental Health Matters

30 NOVEMBER 2022

Legacy Builders Series: Where's Our Black Wall Street

20 OCTOBER 2022

Interview with The Brotherhood Coalition

18 MAY 2022

Addressing the Work-Life Imbalance: Safety, Sanity & Happiness at Work

08 DECEMBER 2021

Break into Tech: Our Interview with Tech Industry Professionals


YBP Profile : A Conversation with Gwen Madiba

30 JUNE 2021

Take your Career to the Next Level: Black Ladders Mentorship Program

19 MAY 2021

Stacey Martin Lifestyle - Invest In A New Way Of Fashion

17 APRIL 2021

Let’s Talk COVID-19 and Our Community

27 MARCH 2021

Premier Signature Event

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