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The Simple Pleasures

The Simple Pleasures

by theyvariable

With all of the travel, gift-buying, parties, dinners and other various engagements that come at the end of each calendar year, what should be a peaceful time can easily become overwhelming and stressful for many. Several studies have shown, in fact, that there is a distinct spike in the number of heart attacks during the holiday season.

I’m personally of the view that we should try to slow down at this time of year and re-assess all of the things we ‘need’ to do in order to enjoy or pass our time during the holiday season.

While a manifesto isn’t necessary, I think that we would all be better off if we tried to enjoy some of life’s simple pleasures and knocked down our ‘to do’ lists significantly. Maybe we don’t need to buy all and sundry a gift, or multiple gifts this year. In all likelihood, many (or most) of us would be happier, gentler, more energized people if we didn’t spend so much time in malls. Rather than the tradition of elaborate gift exchanges perhaps we could just send a Christmas card

(be it an e-version or hard copy) with a meaningful message, or do something novel like pick up a phone and call the people who we love and care about and let them know that we’re thinking of them and that we wish them the best as they embark on a new year.

Given all that is happening in our world – crises in Mali and Syria to name a few, a school shooting in the States, amongst all of the other happenings around the globe – perhaps we owe it to ourselves to simplify our lives and to be mindful of the joy that can come from small things.

Perhaps for you that’s baking and putting frosting on cookies with friends and family, or the swish of rouge on your lips that brings some extra confidence before a cocktail party, or drinks with friends. Whatever it is, big or small, slow down and enjoy…

Signing off.

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