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About Us

Mentorship       Supportive community     Creating opportunity


YBP is a networking organization focused on:

  • Providing young Black professionals with access to mentorship, coaching and knowledge sharing opportunities.

  • Encouraging young Black professionals to lead, inspire and create opportunities for others in their respective fields.

  • Supporting ideas and initiatives that position our members and the community for success.


To create a self-sustaining virtual hub for Young Black Professionals to connect, learn, share knowledge and seek excellence.


Our hub will focus on providing members with invaluable information, training and resources that will increase their chances of success and build essential relationships within

the community.


We believe that the long term success of an individual hinges on the community that supports that individual. YBP wants to be part of your community.


We will support our members’ success by facilitating opportunities for mentorship and coaching, connecting members through learning events and our social media platforms and promoting individual and community development.


Black Is Beautiful.

2021 has been a difficult year on all fronts. Its tested our character and our faith, challenged our values and what we value, demanded our attention at every level on multiple issues and activated our willingness to stand up, speak out and be the change.


At YBP, we aim to be the kind of organization that sets you up for success. So, when the Beyond the Pale Brewing Company asked us to partner on an international collaboration called Black is Beautiful we saw this as an opportunity to further our mission and overall vision. We also decided that ‘Black Is Beautiful’ would be the theme we use to underpin YBP’s programming for 2021.


When looking at the history of the Black Is Beautiful movement, it embodied much more than appearance, it also embraced the ideas of economic self-reliance, empowerment, self-sufficiency, supporting our community and controlling our narrative. In 2021, we will build on these pillars and put our beautiful on display to remind us of our brilliance, dignity, power, resilience, courage, creativity, business acumen and beauty.


YBP will operate and work with others in our community in a manner that exudes: professionalism, openness, integrity and excellence.

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