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"What determines how much time and deliberate practice a child is willing to devote to achievement? Nothing less than her character.”

- Martin Seligman from Flourish

Ah yes… Character! According to Merriam-Webster, character is, ‘one of the attributes or features that make up and distinguish an individual’. First lady Michelle Obama spoke of the importance of one’s character in her 2012 Democratic National Convention speech specifically at 9:25 when she speaks of the values and ethics she learned from her father’s example; dignity, decency, honesty, integrity, gratitude, humility and respect.

Our new platform, INSPIRE by YBP, was actually inspired by this speech.

INSPIRE by YBP is based on the core values that we believe enable formidable character: Integrity above all; Never give up; Serve your community; Protect your dreams; Initiate courageous action; Respect yourself and others; and, Enjoy life.

From inspiration to creation to implementation, INSPIRE by YBP is now the lens we’ll be using to plan all our events. Each month we’ll be releasing an interview, blog post, articles of interest and other related information on our site, Facebook, and Twitter. Our goal is to create, promote and support the availability of meaningful and inspiring information.

So, what inspires you?

Be sure to join the conversation and share what inspires you at #INSPIREbyYBP today!

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